Our experience coordinator and local team 
will make sure you are happy and save in ghana!

Africa Sunrise Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization 
which seeks to help the needy but intelligent and hard working children and youth in the communities. 

We operate in the poverty alleviation programme:

1. Committed to 'empowering' youth
2. Nurturing needy but brilliant children
3. Improving education
4. Fighting street hard knock lives
5. Training for women - such as sewing, hair dressing and also trading


The organization seeks to offer children and youth of school going age  the opportunity to basic education and Senior High Education: free of charge at the expenses of the organization!

To help eliminate all forms of child labour, streetism and other social vices that can be an impediment on children!

Educate and eliminate problems of school dropouts 
in our communities and villages!

To help children and the youth to take up new challenges in life through peer education, peer approach to learning!

Develop the sense of patriotism and good citizenship in the children, and how to lead a good moral life worthy of living and education!


To create a concrete platform for less privilege children and youth to have education no matter how poor the family background they come from!

To  create a platform irrespective of the ethnic background to have equal opportunity to education!

To develop the ‘CAN DO’ spirit of children and youth 
of school going to be able to achieve the full potential!

To eradicate the poor living and the street life of the children and youth who make the end meet via street and dog life!

To establish child and youth friendly activities in the areas of sports and games, personal hygiene, healthy living standards and good grooming for the society, nation and the Africa continent as a whole!

To provide accommodation for the less privilege and volunteers!


We make decisions with our heads and commitments with our hearts. Even when you can't see the results of your works, you still are able to know 
in your heart that you made a tremendous 
difference in someone else’s life. 

Don’t ever forget that there are so many needs and so many ways
in which 
you can make differences,  and that doing good for others is just like the rent you pay for living on earth.

An attitude of service and action to save others, 
no matter who you are, where you are, or what you do.

We all have time to serve if we make time, and should all make time as long as we have time and as long as we live. It is always important to understand
 that smallest gesture can have a major and lasting impact on a person's life.

Whatever good happens in your life, is not so that you can keep it all to yourself! A part of it is intended to be given to others, because giving is always the thermometer of our love to others!